Feeling inspired by "Silvers" at CFG!


Raz Leonard, one of our Physio Team, recently visited the older adult class at Crossfit Glasgow (CFG) and taught some specific Yoga and Pilates moves to help activate and mobilise key areas during their warm up and cool down.

Raz is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist, Clinical Pilates & Yoga instructor at Physio Effect and we caught up with her to hear a bit more about the class and how physiotherapy can support


Prior to becoming a physiotherapist, I was an exercise teacher and ran specialist ‘mature movers’ classes. I am fortunate to have had experience with teaching this type of class and know the importance and benefits to be even greater than exercising in other stages of life. At graduation, the other students jokingly awarded me a certificate to say ‘most likely to start CrossFit for older adults’ and so I secretly think of CFG Silvers as my own class! (sorry Viv).


What is so great about the Silvers class?

I was fully inspired at how motivated the class members were and how well they moved. Their ages ranged from 56 to 85 years old but no matter their age, they worked as hard as they could and loved it. One of the participants has had a double total knee replacement, and another has lost 11KG (1 stone 10lb) since coming to the class. The feeling of community and camaraderie is awesome as they encourage each other to do the best they can.

I feel passionate about the class as exercise becomes more and more important over time and has a vital role in helping push back the effects of ageing. This translates to being able to remain independent to do the things we love for longer. In addition, exercise is also proven to help reduce dementia, stroke, heart disease, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis to name just a few!

How can physiotherapy be helpful here?

As I’m sure we have all noticed, that age brings more ‘niggles’, aches and pains.  Looking after your body is even more important. All too often people think there is nothing they can do about their pain as they think this is a normal part of the ageing process. They may have osteoarthritis for example, and been told that pain killers or surgery are their only options. As a response, people tend to give up things which they really love such as going for long walks or lifting their grandchildren. I’m really happy to share that I have helped many people in this situation with physiotherapy interventions which includes a thorough assessment, specific hands on techniques and individualised exercises.  Here at Physio Effects, we regularly help patients with many conditions including sciatica, osteoarthritis, post fracture rehabilitation, shoulder/ hip/ knee pain, and back pain. If you have pain or a condition which is affecting you, please get in touch to see if we can help.

The Silvers workout is CrossFit program tailored to what the individual can do. No matter what your fitness level and capabilities, the work out will be modified to ensure you are working at the appropriate level. The coaching staff will support you step by step, through the work out which can include weight lifting, rowing, running and gymnastic movements.

The CrossFit Glasgow Silvers group inspire everyone surrounding them and most of all me! We started Silvers a year ago and have seen every single one of them achieve things they never thought they could.  We have seen changes in confidence, mindset, balance, agility, endurance and so much more and could not be prouder of this group!
— Viv Henry, Silvers Coach
I was so inspired by crossfit the Glasgow Silvers that I took the Crossfit Level 1 Trainer course and now help Viv with the classes. I’m full of admiration for all the hard work that the Silvers class put in and they still have great fun.

Physioeffects have helped me over the years deal with any aches and pains with treatment and exercises I can do at home or the gym. This has undoubtedly helped me in aspects of my life including my capacity as a Crossfitter and ability to care for my family.
— Christine McFarlane, Silvers Assistant Coach