Running injury prevention; do you need a musculoskeletal screening?

Sports-specific screening available!

Musculoskelatal screenings are available from our team of experienced and expert Sports Physiotherapists – but what is it? Imagine, someone could look you over and help flag issues before they become injuries!

Here's what Jonny says:

“A 60-minute assessment which will include a full body assessment of flexibility, strength, balance and body control to highlight potential for injury or problem shoot issues experienced by a runner. This may also include treatment if needed as well as education on issues flagged up with suggestions of how to fix these.”

We have a broad spectrum of sports expertise here at Physio Effect – everything from running, martial arts and football to rugby, mountain biking and roller derby! Whatever your sport or activity, whatever your level, we’ll be able to assess and treat you!

Sport Specific Screening at Physio Effect Glasgow