Crybaby Classes: Post-Natal Pilates Classes at Physio Effect!

Our Post-Natal Pilates class is designed for new mums from 6 weeks post-partum (8-weeks if by C-section) and onwards. The class is designed to help heal and strengthen muscles affected after pregnancy and labour such as your pelvic floor and abdominals. This class can also help manage back pain, pelvic girdle pain, improve continence and treat abdominal separation (diastasis recti).  The added bonus is you are welcome to bring your baby along to the class while you exercise.

How do I get started?

For first-timers, you will be required to have a 1:1 assessment with one of our physiotherapists. This can be booked after you’ve had your 6 week check-up from your physician and given the all-clear to start exercise (usually a little longer if you 've had a C-section). During this consultation, you will be able to discuss your pregnancy, labour and set some goals you’d like to achieve after having your baby. The physiotherapist will assess your pelvic floor and abdominal function and go over some basic, fundamental Pilates exercises in preparation to starting the classes. This appointment usually takes 30 minutes and you are welcome to bring your baby along.

When are the classes?

The classes are every Tuesday and Wednesday and run over a 6-week block. Each class lasts an hour. If you would like to start the classes in the middle of a current block, there is an option to pay per class depending on available spaces. The class number is small with a maximum number of 8 mums per class. Please get in touch to find out when the next block is. 

How much does it cost?

Our Crybaby Package costs £80 which includes the initial physiotherapy assessment (£30) and the block of 6 x classes (£50).

If you would like to continue on to do further blocks after your first time, it would cost £50.

If you would like to pay per class, for example, if you cannot attend all 6 x classes in the block (4 or less) or if you are joining in the middle of an existing block, you would pay £12 per class.

Up until what age can I bring my baby?

You are welcome to bring your baby up until they are able to crawl/move about (which can be different for every baby, of course!). Otherwise you may find it difficult to do your Pilates exercises.

Are your facilities buggy friendly?

Our Pilates studio is located within the EDA Gym which has ramps for easy buggy access. The studio has ample space for your buggy and there is a lounge area and café where you can buy water/coffee/tea and snacks.

What other Ante- and Post-Natal Services do you provide at Physio Effect? 

Here at Physio Effect, we have a number of therapists specially trained to help you through your pregnancy journey and after you've had your baby. Click here for more info on our other services


Fantastic Pilates class that has helped me regain confidence, strength and my figure after having my son. Mariam is very skilled and knows exactly how to fine tune the exercises to suit individual needs.  It is a particular bonus that you can take your baby along and Mariam is on hand to lend a cuddle if one of them is unhappy. There is also a cafe onsite where the group enjoy a coffee and a natter after the class. I would not hesitate to recommend
— Lucy via Netmums