Physiotherapy Appointment Types

Initial Physiotherapy Appointment

First Physiotherapy Appointment for new clients. 
During your first physiotherapy appointment (Initial Appointment), your therapist will assess your injury or issue and discuss their diagnosis and agree a treatment plan with you. The Initial appointment is 45 minutes in length which will allow them to start treatment at that session.

Existing Patient -New Injury

Choose this if you're already a client at Physio Effect and have a new issue to be assessed or if it's been a while since you've been to see us for this and you'll require a longer, 45 minute session. The 45 minute session will allow time for any assessment needed as well as relevant treatment.

Follow Up Appointment

A 30-minute follow up appointment to be booked following an "Initial Appointment" or an "Existing Patient - New Injury" appointment. 
These appointments are suitable for clients who have had their issue assessed by the physio recently and are attending to continue with a programme of treatment.