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Mobility & Stability

Mobility and stability are widely used buzzwords in the health and fitness industry.

We find that these terms are often misinterpreted and people may set about trying to solve every injury or niggle by hammering themselves constantly on a foam roller or attempting to perfect one legged squats on top of a swiss ball!

Realistically these terms will mean something different to everyone and are relative to your physical goals or demands on your body.

If you sit at a desk all day and do little exercise it’s more than probable your back and hips will be a bit stiff with reduced functional capacity and a weakened core muscle system.
Your goal in this scenario may be to simply improve the range of motion in the stiff areas and increase your core muscle awareness to reduce associated pain or injury risk and improve your capacity for basic everyday tasks.

If you’re an elite level athlete your requirements are sure to be a little different and it may be that you only experience pain or weakness in an extreme joint position or athletic movement which needs some specific assessment and fine tuning to remedy the issue.

At Physio Effect we can provide individual assessment around your needs and ensure any rehabilitation exercises prescribed are designed to tackle and remedy the issues relevant to you with immediate application into your sport or everyday life.