Gym Training

It's fair to say that there are more options out there than ever before in terms of gyms and styles of training or exercise. Low cost options are numerous and a cheap way to access a lot of exercise equipment and classes. There are also more niche higher cost gyms which involve a lot more hands on coaching and personal training style. At Physio Effect above all we encourage you to exercise regularly, find something you enjoy and can adapt as a long term choice for a healthier lifestyle. This could be Yoga, Pilates, Crossfit, circuit classes, weight-lifting, martial arts, dance or any number of other options that are out there.

As a general word of caution; try to be balanced in your approach to exercise: over-training or too narrow a variety in your type of exercise can lead to repetitive strain injury or imbalances which are a very common form of injury. Often the clash of two extremes when we move from a sedentary occupation with minimal movement over many hours to the expectation our body can cope with high intensity repetitive movements can cause tissue or joint overload and injury.

Exercise should not be feared but it is important to understand your own body and any limitations you may have due to previous injury or lifestyle factors and embrace the challenge to find exercises that can improve these weaknesses safely. By a unique and individual assessment approach Physio Effect can help identify what is the best form of exercise or movement therapy. This will ensure you recover from injury safely while minimising future injury risk and staying on track with your health and physical goals.