Diageo Pilates Classes

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We have been running regular physiotherapist-led Pilates classes for Diageo employees since Autumn 2017. We are opening up a free taster session on Thursday 19th September for Diageo employees who are new to the class. This means that this block will have a bonus 7th week instead of 6 for any returning participants.

A taster session will be held on the first class of the block on the principles of Pilates and its benefits in the prevention and management of neck or back pain associated with sedentary postures.

Pilates exercises focus on improving posture, balance and flexibility with emphasis on strengthening the core muscles. The class will be tailored specifically for the desk-worker in mind.

To reserve your space for the free taster class, please send your details to Sharon Parsons. The class is capped at 12 people and will be on a first come first serve basis.

For returning participants, to reserve your space for the full 7 weeks, please pay using the link below - please note the £40 rate is based on a minimum of 9 people in the class and may need to be supplemented if less than 9 people sign up.

Diageo Pilates Lunchtime Session

Please pay for your block of lunchtime Pilates classes here. Please note by processing this payment you agree to us liaising with Sharon Parsons to confirm you have signed up for the block.

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