Craniosacral Therapy

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy is a gentle, non-invasive therapy using a light, calm touch in that
enables the body to change by settling into calmness to release tension. By helping individuals to feel
sensations and perceive vibrations in their body gives them a sense of balance and completeness.
Identifying restrictions in the body, particularly in the nervous system, and by connecting with the
health and vitality, craniosacral therapy supports and encourages self-repair. As restoration takes
place physical changes also happen such as a reduction of physical pain, either chronic or acute, that
have occurred through various conditions such as migraines, arthritis, back pain and many more.
This therapy also works intimately with trapped emotions and is a profound way to lessen the effects
of post-traumatic stress disorders such as anxiety, depression and anger issues. There is always
health available in a person’s body and the biodynamic approach taps into this health, in order to
assist the areas of the body that are not functioning quite so effectively.

Somatic Experiencing

What is Somatic Experiencing?:
Somatic Experiencing is a bodywork therapy that safely and effectively releases trauma, shock and stress disorders.

What does it do?:
It calms and regulates the nervous system by tailoring different talking and practical methods for your particular needs. These will help you become more body aware so you can identify and calm early signs of stress/ activation rather than finding yourself overwhelmed. When we become overwhelmed, traumatic shock can stay frozen in the body.

Often there is not one major traumatic event that causes symptoms, anything that is just too much or has a negative effect on us can be difficult for the body to cope with if the stress cycle has not been deactivated after such an experience.

How does a Somatic Experiencing session work?:
Initially, we build a ‘safe container’ within you by looking for health and resources internally in the body and externally in your daily life that help you to expand your ability to cope with reactions and emotions as they happen.
We then gently look into the stressful situation, trauma or symptom to see how it feels and how the body reacts to it and by pendulating between the state of calm and activation we wait for a discharge of the stress cycle.
As we build the container you will start to feel more content and at ease in yourself, more vibrant and energetic giving a greater sense of empowerment and confidence.
Reducing the frequency and intensity of symptoms experienced creates an ability to recover quicker and manage them better if we do experience them.