Clinical Yoga

Yoga is an ancient mind-body practice which originated in India over 2,000 years ago. It includes postures, called asanas, which are held alongside breathing exercises to help strengthen and stretch the body.

Clinical Yoga is a bespoke yoga programme in which the postures are prescribed and delivered by a qualified physiotherapist following an individual assessment.

This yoga programme is individually designed to meet your goals, integrated with your personal rehabilitation requirements.

At Physio Effect, we deliver this yoga programme as small classes capped at a maximum of 5 people, with each individual working on their bespoke selection of asanas. In addition you can request a block or individual 1:1 sessions for a more enhanced approach.

Clinical Yoga Instructor Raz demonstrates a variety of different asanas for different conditions (and levels!)

Who would benefit from this class?

  • Anyone interested in yoga who wants to have their programme designed by a qualified physiotherapist

  • Anyone with general or specific stiffness

  • Sports people who want regular stretching and injury prevention

  • Anyone with a form of arthritis who needs to mobilise regularly

  • Anyone with a chronic condition such as back, shoulder or knee pain who aims to minimise the impact of this

  • Anyone with a medical condition who prefers to be taught by a medical professional

  • Yoga teachers who want to develop their yoga poses while reducing their chance of injury

  • Anyone who suffers from stress or stress related conditions and wants yoga for relaxation

I thought I would just drop a short note about my experience in the 6 week [Clinical] yoga course.

I have to admit that before I attended a class I did not give yoga a moment’s thought because I did not know anything about it. When you said that you were running a course at the same time a friend on facebook who runs a boxercise class posted that he had just completed a yoga course and was singing the praises of it so I thought well if I don’t try it I will never know. I am glad I did and having attended all of the classes in the course I can feel the benefit of this.

Stretching to improve mobility is one thing but knowing which stretches are most beneficial and how to do them correctly to get the best results are very important. When doing stretches at home I believe that I am doing them correctly but that was in my own eye. “Oh wad some power the giftie gie us, To see oursels as other see us”. The benefits and results from the course greatly exceed anything that I could have achieved at home.

I have also found that when exercising at home there are too many distractions around. Being committed to attend the course provided focus on what I had to do in a controlled environment devoid of distractions. Maximising results from my efforts.

Thanks again
— Fraser

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