Staff Profile: Pavol Kabac


Name: Pavol Kabac

Relevant Qualifications/ Memberships: Diploma In Deep Tissue & Sports massage Therapy, IASTM certificate

Services Provided: Muscle and soft tissue release, Headaches, TMJ & Jaw pain

How long have you been practising?: 10 years

Please explain the service you provide in your own words: I believe my massage technique with combination of Kinnective Tool and Cups can be very effective in treating sport or work related injuries and also can be used and very beneficial for people as a prevention or keeping your body in shape and ready for high impact sports or long days at work.

What’s the best thing about doing what you do?: I like working and having control over my day and decisions I make. Feeling or knowing I helped at least one person makes me feel better at the end of my day at work.

What excites you about working at Physio Effect?: I get to meet and know lots of different and interesting people every day.

What are your dreams for your service within the company in the next year or so?: Get more recognition between sports people professional or amateur.

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