Knowledge Share – Back Mobility

It’s Back Month here at Physio Effect! Here’s Jonny (and Ash) showing us how to use the foam roller for a bit of mobilisation!


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Running injury prevention; do you need a musculoskeletal screening?

Sports-specific screening available!

Musculoskelatal screenings are available from our team of experienced and expert Sports Physiotherapists – but what is it? Imagine, someone could look you over and help flag issues before they become injuries!

Heres what Jonny says:
“A 60-minute assessment which will include a full body assessment of flexibility, strength, balance and body control to highlight potential for injury or problem shoot issues experienced by a runner. This may also include treatment if needed as well as education on issues flagged up with suggestions of how to fix these.”

We have a broad spectrum of sports expertise here at Physio Effect – everything from running, martial arts and football to rugby, mountain biking and roller derby! Whatever your sport or activity, whatever your level, we’ll be able to assess and treat you!


New Flexible Class Access System for Yoga, Pilates and Mobility Classes!

img_8848  We’re excited to introduce a flexible way of attending the range of wonderful classes we have here in the Studio at Physio Effect Borron Street!

These 6-class and 10-class cards are valid for you to attend any mix of the following classes: Yoga, Pilates* and Mobility

Come January, we’re also  streamlining the pricing structure across the board for these classes which makes it all a little simpler for everyone!

Single Class Drop in: £10

6-Class Card: £55

10-Class Card: £80

Class-goers will still, of course, need to book into the class, and the same cancellation terms will apply, but we hope this offers a bit more flexibility for you to come to      the classes that suit and maybe try a different one every now and again!

Give us a call on 0141 230 4766 or email us to find out more – might make someone a great Xmas present to help with their New Year’s Fitness Resolutions?

*these rates and cards are not valid for Clinical Pilates which is a bespoke, injury-specific service.

Knowledge Share: Shoulder Mobility

Welcome to Knowledge Share!

We thought we’d use this blog to share some tips and advice on different common injuries.

Here’s Jonny from a few years ago demonstrating some exercises to improve overhead range of movement using small equipment you’ll find in your gym.

Let us know in the comments if there are any topics you’d like to see covered!

Jonny advises runners on when to run through the pain, and when to rest

Here at Physio Effect we’re specialists in working with athletes from a broad spectrum of sports and disciplines…

This week, in our regular Sunday Herald feature, Jonny talks about running and helps runners decide when it’s important to stop and take a breather, or if it’s OK just to keep pushing on with the training plan…

Plantar fasciitis, shin splints, runner’s knee, achilles heel – these are all injuries recognised by many runners and our team here at the Clinic has a great breadth of experience in assessing and treating them. However – you may be able to take some strides (sorry!) towards avoiding that niggle from turning into something that’s really going to affect your training and maybe even threaten your running career.

Read more in the online article here and give us a shout if you think we can help. Happy running!


Class Timetable

Physio Effect Class Timetable

Here at Physio Effect, we’re really keen to ensure your bodies are as strong and capable as they can be all the time.

Yes, we’re great at helping you recover from injury, but we’re also here to help you prevent it too!

We’ve a number of different classes and treatments which are set up to help you maintain your injury-free status as well as recover from existing pain.

So, whether your thing is Yoga, Pilates, Clinical Pilates, Sports Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Physiotherapy, Post- or Ante-Natal classes or treatments or a bit of Myofascial Release in our Mobility and Stability classes, we’ve just the thing for you! Here, at our new Borron Street Clinic and Studio, housed within the EveryDay Athlete Gym, we have regular classes and 1:1 appointments with our specialised team of experts!

Click on our Class Timetable below and contact us to book in!

Lets straighten up those backs

This week’s resource is focusing on reversing the stiff, flexed spines you have all developed while doing your best to become world champion desk jockeys. These days one way or another, we accumulate a large amount of time in seated positions. Consequently, sitting related back pain and stiffness is a very common ailment that presents for treatment at our clinic.

Often at assessment, these patients will present with stiff segments/joints in their spine. These “stuck” areas prevent the natural motion which allows adequate movement at different levels of the spinal joints. This in itself can result in stiff and achy pain as the joints and soft tissues are not being nourished by adequate movement. It can also result in acute injuries at hinge points in the spine which need to accommodate the required movements that are missing from the stiff segments. In other words, they are forced under too much load to their extreme ends of range.

By mobilising the stiff segments and allowing a more evenly distributed degree of movement throughout all of the segments, this can significantly decrease some postural back pains and will almost certainly improve athletic performance in a number of instances.

This is an extremely large and complex topic area that we will return to many times over these weekly blogs.

Below is a short video demonstrating how you can put your foam roller to good use and start reversing all of this stiffness you guys have acquired in your backs. Look forward to hearing how you all get on with these. Please remember to consult your regular treatment provider prior to doing these type of exercises if you are currently suffering a back injury requiring treatment.