Referral Cards Week! Earn 25% discount for you and a friend!

It’s Referral Cards week here at Physio Effect – if you’ve an appointment with a Physio they may give you a referral card to give to a friend, family member or colleague!

How it works:

  • The card will have your name on it, as well as an expiry date 3 months from the date of your appointment.
  • Your friend can bring the card with them when they come for their first appointment with Physio Effect to get 25% discount on the cost of their first appointment (it can be used for Massage or Physio Appointments only) – if they mention they have a card when they book, it’d be really handy and we can set the discount up on our system ahead of them arriving.
  • Then, then next time you book in for an appointment with us – you’ll get 25% off the cost of a massage or physio treatment! Win:Win!

Terms and Conditions: above points cover most terms; this offer applies to massage and physiotherapy appointments only. Refferer discount is not transferrable and must be used by the original referrer and within 3 months of the reffered person’s appointment date



Foam Rolling: What is it? What’s the Evidence? How to apply it!

Foam Rolling

What is it?

Self-myofascial release is a name given to the use of equipment or tools to perform self-massage and stretching with the aim of increasing joint range of motion and improving muscle recovery and performance. One of the most commonly used tools is a foam roller. You will often see people in gyms attempting to manoeuvre their bodies in various positions over one of these rollers.

Most commonly rollers will be used in a way that the body is positioned with the roller in contact with a specific muscle or muscle group. The user then uses gentle motion to stretch and massage the area while controlling the pressure exerted by adjusting their position and the weight going through the area.

The theory is that using foam rollers used to massage and stretch our muscles, joints and soft tissues can make them more pliable thereby increasing range of motion. It is also theorised that pressure applied to soft tissues can stimulate change through the central nervous system by sending signals which alter the tissue activity and reduce tension levels.

What’s the evidence?

In general terms, self-myofascial release using a foam roller appears to have short-term effects of increasing joint range of motion without exhibiting any negative effects on muscle or joint performance. There is also some evidence to suggest that post exercise muscle soreness can be reduced while muscle recovery is enhanced when foam rolling is used after strenuous or intense exercise.

The overall summary of the evidence to date suggests that foam rolling is a safe tool to use prior to or after exercise to assist with warm up and/or recovery. However, the research is limited and fails to come to a consensus on what the optimal methods, techniques or frequency of foam rolling should be. There is not yet enough research or evidence to define the best way to roll specific muscles or how many sets or repetitions is appropriate.

How can I apply it?

The general consensus is that foam rolling is safe and can be a welcome addition to assist in warm up and recovery. While we do not have enough evidence to create exact protocols there is room here for individual preference and some experimentation to see what works best for you. From personal experience and from reviewing the literature we would suggest trying:

  • 3-5 sets of 30+ second repetitions on each targeted muscle or muscle group
  • Apply gradual pressure in various planes and directions.
  • For larger or longer muscle groups consider dividing the application into 2-3 areas
  • Consistent application aiming for a minimum of 3 times per week
  • Slight discomfort during application is acceptable but strong or intense pain is not
  • Position yourself carefully to avoid unnecessary strain on other muscles or joints


Below are a few examples of positions used to foam roll various muscles 








Foam rolling outer thigh                                                                               









Foam rolling upper back








Foam rolling calf muscle


A word of caution

Foam rolling can be a useful adjunct to any exercise or training routine and may also be used by more sedentary individuals to reduce muscle and joint stiffness. Foam rolling, however, is not an appropriate tool for treating damaged or injured tissues and we would warn that it should not be used as such. Always seek advice from a qualified professional if you are in any doubt.

Foam rolling does not replace or negate the need for adequate warm up and the use of correct techniques when exercising. We would suggest using foam rolling to compliment your existing training or exercising routine but not to replace any aspect.


Article written by Daniel Wray – Senior Physiotherapist and Director at Physio Effect

The dedicated team at Physio Effect provide a full package of services that will ensure you’re supported through your pain management, injury prevention, assessment, recovery and helping you achieve your ultimate performance goals. We offer a range of services including Physiotherapy, Sports Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Pilates, Yoga and Mobility classes.


Unit 18A, 100 Borron Street, Glasgow G49 XG


Phone: 0141 230 4766

Staff Profile: Pavol Kabac


Name: Pavol Kabac

Relevant Qualifications/ Memberships: Diploma In Deep Tissue & Sports massage Therapy, IASTM certificate

Services Provided: Muscle and soft tissue release, Headaches, TMJ & Jaw pain

How long have you been practising?: 10 years

Please explain the service you provide in your own words: I believe my massage technique with combination of Kinnective Tool and Cups can be very effective in treating sport or work related injuries and also can be used and very beneficial for people as a prevention or keeping your body in shape and ready for high impact sports or long days at work.

What’s the best thing about doing what you do?: I like working and having control over my day and decisions I make. Feeling or knowing I helped at least one person makes me feel better at the end of my day at work.

What excites you about working at Physio Effect?: I get to meet and know lots of different and interesting people every day.

What are your dreams for your service within the company in the next year or so?: Get more recognition between sports people professional or amateur.

Staff Profile: Jonny Kilpatrick


Name: Jonny Kilpatrick

Relevant Qualifications/ Memberships: BSc(hons) Physiotherapy from Glasgow Caledonian University, Clinical Pilates, PgDip Sports Physiotherapy from the University of Bath, Certificate in Spinal Manual Therapy, Acupuncture and Clinical Pilates Instructor (APPI)

Services Provided: Physiotherapy, Sports Injury and Performance Enhancement

How long have you been practising?: 10 years

Please explain the service you provide in your own words: I pride myself on offering my patients thorough and accurate assessments and, more importantly, an understanding of their injury or problem. By taking the time to help them understand their problem I see them engage with the treatment process and we achieve better outcomes together. My treatments can involve a wide variety of techniques and approaches that have been proven to be effective through years of practice experience treating everyone from sedentary desk workers to elite-level athletes.

What’s the best thing about doing what you do?: Everyday I get to problem solve puzzles that result in massive improvements to my patients’ quality of life and general wellbeing. No matter what the problem or goal of treatment, it is always very pleasing to hear that you helped.

What excites you about working at Physio Effect?: I love that we are expanding the services we offer to our customers. We have always provided an excellent standard of hands-on physiotherapy injury management but had previously been unable to offer in-house services such as clinical pilates, massage, yoga etc. Our new clinic has allowed us to add these services, making our injury management much more comprehensive.

What are your dreams for your service within the company in the next year or so?: As one of the company owners, I really want to develop all of the services offered at Physio Effect so that we are recognised as the obvious choice for anyone to contact if they’re in pain or looking to prevent injury.

Knowledge Share – Back Mobility

It’s Back Month here at Physio Effect! Here’s Jonny (and Ash) showing us how to use the foam roller for a bit of mobilisation!


please comment below with any questions!

Staff Profile: Danny Wray

The team here at Physio Effect has been growing and so we’d like to (re)introduce you all to everyone! This month, we’re starting with Danny…

Name: Daniel (Danny) Wray

Relevant Qualifications/ Memberships: BSc(hons) Physiotherapy from Glasgow Caledonian University, PgDip Sports Physiotherapy from the University of Bath, Acupuncture / Dry needling and Clinical Pilates Instructor (APPI). Kinesio-tape certified. Member of CSP and HCPC

Services Provided: Physiotherapy, Dry needling, Injury management and rehab. Performance enhancement

How long have you been practising?: since 2006

Please explain the service you provide in your own words: I provide detailed physical assessment of presenting injuries and a wide range of manual therapy treatments to help treat any condition. I also look at every patient as an individual and try to understand their specific needs and requirements. I try to consider the bigger picture for each individual including sports, occupational and functional capacity to perform at their best and set about helping them to achieve this through varied treatment and exercise based rehab.

What’s the best thing about doing what you do?: Helping someone in pain never gets old. The gratitude that people have when we are able to help relieve their pain and improve their quality of life is fantastic

What excites you about working at Physio Effect?: We are a young but ambitious company but we will always value quality of service above financial gain so our patients will always get the best and never feel ripped off or let down. I feel good about that and as we expand our services while maintaining our quality; i’m excited about the future.

What are your dreams for your service within the company in the next year or so?: I want Physio Effect to be the number one go-to company for all sports/ occupational and day-to-day injury management throughout Glasgow. I want all of our services to be highly regarded and create a one-stop shop environment where every need of our patients can be met. I’d like us to be regarded as experts in our field


February is shoulders month here at Physio Effect – here’s Danny giving a wee run down of what goes on under the skin!

Find out about how the shoulder works, what common issues we see and what can cause them… why not subscribe to our YouTube channel to make sure you don’t miss out?

Please feel free to post comments below or on the youtube channel and we’ll see what we can do to address any issues or questions!

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Terms and Conditions

Both bookings must be made before midnight on Thursday 16th February and used before the end of February 2017 – both appointments must be booked at the same time but can be fulfilled on different days.

Bookings can be made by calling 0141 230 4766 or email us